About Us

Who We Are

The Bus and Coach Association (BCA) New Zealand has been the authoritative voice of New Zealand’s bus and coach industry since 1931. 

We represent the vast majority of New Zealand's bus and coach companies, as well as a vehicle manufacturers and industry suppliers. 

Our members’ vehicle fleet of more than 6,400 buses provides over 150 million road passenger trips annually.  This includes tourism and charter services, school and public transport.  

Our industry plays an increasingly vital and influential role as an enabler of economic growth as well as contributing to improving social and environmental outcomes. 

In doing this, our members employ over 13,000 staff and contribute more than $1.8 billion annually to New Zealand’s GDP. 

The BCA and its Chief Executive are based in Wellington, with Board members located from Queenstown to Auckland. The BCA Chief Executive is available to provide support and advice at your convenience. 

What We Do

We represent the majority of New Zealand's bus and coach operators, as well as a number of key vehicle suppliers and manufacturers by:

  • Facilitating best practice industry standards amongst members
  • Work with Government for a better regulatory environment for the industry
  • Promoting safe road passenger transport
  • Providing activities, information, products and services to assist members
  • Growing the Association in size and quality. 

Key Focus Areas

The Bus and Coach Association exists to promote and advance the interests and welfare of all our members, and road passenger transport as a valuable resource, by focusing on:

  • Advocacy to central and local government and stakeholders on important legislative and policy decisions on behalf of members and encouraging constructive long-term relationships with each.
  • An authentic unified voice in public forums on important issues affecting membership and the industry – working closely with members to listen to and understand their views and aspirations. We work for the industry and for our members.
  • Information and advice, services and products to assist members to add value to their businesses and meet their business goals.
  • Promote and inspire the highest standards of professionalism across membership and broader industry to enhance the professional standing of members.
  • Improve public understanding of the important role of the bus and coach industry plays in the New Zealand transport system and wider economy. 

Member Benefits

Our members also benefit from:
  • Representation for the four main industry sectors
    • school transport,
    • urban bus services,
    • coach and tourism
    • services provided in small passenger service vehicles
  • Exclusive trade discounts
  • Advice on technical and legal issues,
    • Including employment relations advice from Ford Sumner
  • Access to our Star-Grading system for vehicles
  • Access to our Department of Conservation Concession
  • Monthly subscription to the Circular, our monthly magazine
  • Subscription to our weekly email newsletter with updates on key issues impacting the industry
  • Regular seminars on key issues
  • Annual Conference and trade display.

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