COVID-19 Updates

All Ministry Funded Transport Service Providers (Daily Bus & Technology, Directly Resourced Schools/Networks, Māori Medium Schools, SESTA)

Ending of Covid-19 Protection Framework


The Covid-19 Protection Framework came to an end at 11.59pm on Monday night - 12th September.


This means that it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks on public and school transport. People may still choose to wear a face mask and should be supported if they do so.


SESTA services

Some caregivers of immunosuppressed students may ask that their child’s driver continues to wear a face mask. Please talk directly with the student’s caregivers if this is the case.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Ministry of Education.





The Prime Minister has just announced Cabinet’s decisions on the post-winter arrangements for the COVID-19 response, which have come into effect as of 11.59pm, Monday 12 September 2022. Here is a summary of decisions that apply to the transport sector from the Ministry of Transport:

A significant change is that the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) Order will be revoked – this moves New Zealand away from the detailed traffic light settings.


This removes the current face mask wearing requirement on public transport services and inside public transport stations. To clarify, face masks (coverings) will no longer be required on any public transport services or in any public transport station/terminal.


Further changes that apply to the transport sector, include:

The Maritime Border Order will be revoked (removing the remaining arrival, vaccination, and testing requirements for maritime arrivals)

Isolation requirements for COVID-19 cases remains at 7-days; isolation requirements for household contacts will be removed. There will be guidance about recommended testing for household contacts on the Unite Against COVID-19 and Ministry of Health websites;

There will be changes to the Air Border Order, including removing vaccination, face mask wearing on arriving international flights, and on-arrival testing requirements. Updates about changes to the NZTD system for contact tracing purposes have been communicated directly to airlines. Consequently, several other requirements under the ABO will also be revoked. There will be guidance about recommended testing for arrivals on the Unite Against COVID-19 and Ministry of Health webistes.


We do not have any links yet for the gazetting of the amended Orders.


The current Transport Operator Guidance was developed for the CPF (traffic light system) and will no longer be relevant, and as there are no longer any significant requirements for transport operators, the MoT will not be producing any new guidance. Likewise, their Guidance for airlines and carriers will no longer be maintained. These will be removed from the MoT website.